Most of the talk this offseason will be about the quarterback position

Most of the talk this offseason will be about the quarterback position. The O line looks set. Washaun Ealey and Caleb King are a proven 1 2 punch at running back. That can be dangerous for teams not accustomed to such praise. Not to detract from Cincinnati accomplishments thus far, but they still haven faced a team sporting an above.500 jerseys Sure, they are beating up on the less talented and Houston certainly qualifies among that group but in the NFL, it is never this easy.

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As the second half begins, the pub is quiet with anticipation. Both teams are more intense, as they question every call. Chelsea has the momentum again, as Man U has sent all 10 field players behind the ball. Juneau, Maegan A. Laborde, Kaci N. Landry, Jessica L.

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